Organizational Empowerment

A Framework and Methodology
for Changing Behavior, Developing Talent
and Transforming a Culture

In today’s highly competitive talent marketplace, organizations that want to attract, retain and advance top talent must be skilled at developing people. And as the rate of change in the marketplace accelerates, organizations are constantly trying to help employees adopt the critical new behaviors necessary to keep pace. Over the past three decades, Empowerment Institute has developed a highly effective methodology which it calls the “empowering organization” to enable talent development, behavior change and the cultural transformation needed to further both. It has deployed this methodology in large and small organizations and trained hundreds of practitioners to deliver it.

If an organization has one or more of the symptoms of a disempowering culture, as described to the right, it will be difficult to further any change initiative. Along with the design of a talent development and behavior change strategy, the empowering organization methodology transforms these symptoms so that future change initiatives have the fertile soil needed to take root.