Track Five: The Practice of Empowerment in Communities

A Framework, Methodology and Tools for
Behavior Change and Community Engagement

Over the past two decades Empowerment Institute has developed a highly effective community organizing framework and citizen behavior change and engagement tools which it calls “Social Change 2.0.” It has successfully built the capacity of several thousand community change agents in this approach who in turn have empowered hundreds of thousands of people to adopt pro-social behaviors. Track five provides community change agents with the strategies, tools and design expertise to integrate the Social Change 2.0 framework into their community initiative. As part of this toolkit it provides four community-based behavior change programs, described below, around green living, livable neighborhoods, water stewardship, and resilient communities. These programs can be used as part of an existing initiative or as the foundation for a new one.

Each behavior change program includes learning how to facilitate an empowerment training, offer empowerment coaching, and use the Social Change 2.0 framework, strategies, and skills to architect a transformational community intervention. You will also be provided training scripts, organizing templates and guidance on how to customize the program to the needs of your community and project.

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