Track 3 Testimonials

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“The Empowerment Institute is the most powerful results-oriented training program I have ever encountered. I have integrated the empowerment architecture and operating system into everything I do from our community development leadership training program, to my relationships with colleagues, family and friends. It’s now like breathing.”
-- Jeff Nugent, CEO, Development Training Institute

“The Empowerment Institute provided me with powerful tools to introduce and facilitate transformation with the people and governmental organizations with which I work. These versatile tools have also transformed the way I lead meetings, build teams and interact with colleagues.”
-- Montserrat Meiro-Lorenzo, Senior Health Specialist, World Bank

“As a result of the empowerment learning strategy with its focus on vision, transformation of limiting beliefs that undermine learning, and growing edges around specific new behaviors, students have improved their academic performance and interest in learning. The atmosphere in the classroom is much more dynamic. Aside from using the empowerment methodology with my students I use it for myself as a teacher. I created a vision for my classroom and my teaching and brought it into reality. It now embodies my values and my true being. My classroom is a different place to be.”
-- Debrah Breger, 6th Grade Science Teacher, Rhinebeck School System

“In using the empowerment methodology with one organization, the General Manager said, the behavior changes she witnessed from the workshop participants were dramatic. Now she wants more!”
-- Elizabeth Soltis, Organizational Consultant

“The Empowerment Institute is a must for all community organizers and social change agents. It is a true cutting edge technology in community empowerment and behavioral change that really works.”
-- Netrisa Dockery, Community Organizer, Philadelphia

“The Empowerment Institute provides a priceless road map for transformation. It is refreshing to find a body of work that really delivers. I have been blown away by the effectiveness of this model.”
-- Rha Goddess, Artist and Founder of Move the Crowd