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“The Empowerment Institute enabled me to transform my vision of creating empowering work cultures into reality. The empowerment methodology, taught and modeled with integrity by David Gershon and Gail Straub, is a powerful instrument in harnessing employee potential. In using this methodology with one organization, the General Manager said, the behavior changes she witnessed from the workshop participants were dramatic. Now she wants more!”
– Elizabeth Soltis, Organizational Development Consultant

 “The teaching of Empowerment Institute has had a tremendous impact on EVERY client contact we have. We took a hard look at how we ask questions and challenge our clients in their interviews with us. Sadly we concluded that almost all of these were focused on identifying mistakes and faults; and that in fact we were squandering highly valuable face time with clients not probing and getting them excited about the growth opportunities ahead for them. It was an easy observation after the Institute, and it changed the way we talk and work with all our clients. The empowerment methodology is making its way into every part of our business and team, and now has the full support of the leadership. It has changed the company that I helped create and made me more excited than ever to be part of it.”
– Marc de Swans Aaron, Chairman, Effective Brands

“We wanted to shift our focus as an organization away from what wasn’t working to what was possible. Of course, this is exactly what the empowerment model was based on. Personally I was just crying out to hear something like this. All of us came back from the empowerment training extremely excited about how well this would translate into the work we do with people living with HIV and AIDS, and the general values we hold within the organization.

“So we started to work with the empowerment model immediately. I recall a situation where we were having some problems with a local clinic where one of my case managers was stationed. The four of us who had done the training came into my office and shut the door. What was interesting was that we started that meeting with the old way of thinking, listing all the problems we were having. We got through half a page and I said ‘wait a minute, wait a minute. We just came back from the empowerment training, we are going about this all wrong.’ We ripped it apart and said ‘let’s list how we want this to be.’ And in forty minutes, literally, we had our plans on the wall. It was unbelievable to me really. It took forty minutes.”
– Diane Brown, Executive Director of the Southern Tier AIDS Program



  1. Blaming and victim mentality
  2. Fear of making decisions
  3. Lack of participation in decision-making
  4. New ideas not taken seriously
  5. Distrust and cynicism
  6. Apathy and burnout
  7. Thoughts or feelings not freely expressed for fear of repercussion
  8. Gossip and back biting poisoning work environment
  9. People feeling unappreciated for contributions
  10. Unresolved interpersonal issues that linger and create animosity



“David Gershon proved he is truly a visionary in moving individuals to higher levels of performance, specifically within our complex organizational system. He helped my team through an intense, personalized learning experience using his unique transformational learning approach. David and the highly effective set of tools of his Empowerment Institute helped produce significant, measurable and sustainable behavior change within our team. He built our consulting skills and worked with us to leverage our collective talent and create business results. Through David’s work, this team now has daily practices focusing on their vision. We are empowered!”
– Bob Franco, Vice President Human Resources, American Express Company