Réveil . . . and the Old One at the Edge of the World



Réveil is the story of a young woman who felt empty, though she was always too full. Réveil was so busy that she failed to notice the quieter things, such as the fact that her soul was dying. Even her dreams had gone to sleep. Réveil had forgotten the meaning of her own name:  Alarm! Wake up! But one night, on the full moon when the wolves run together, her dreams finally awoke and sounded the alarm, catapulting Réveil into a new world she could not have imagined from the confines of her previous life. Aided by a series of mysterious guides, she embarked on a grand quest, one that ultimately brought her face to face with the fierce and merciless Grandmother LesDeux, the Old One who held the key to Réveil’s survival, along with the survival of her world.


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