The Cool Block: An On-Ramp to the Future of Our Cities and Plant


The Cool Block is both a book and a program. The book offers a vision of what is possible for our cities and planet, and information about what can be achieved, based on decades of experience with furthering pro-social behavior change and community engagement. The program puts this information into action to increase the quality of life for residents of a block, while also contributing to the viability of our planet’s life-support system. The program consists of nine meetings over 4 1/2-months, co-led by a group of neighbors living on a block or in a building.

The Introduction and Part 1 provide the context for the program. Parts 2 through 7 provide the community engagement and behavior change tools needed to create a Cool Block.

  • Part 2 offers precise instructions to the Cool Block leaders initiating the program on their block or in their building.
  • Parts 3 to 7 outline the program journey itself – eight topics described in Chapter 10 to 17. You will select from a menu of 112 action recipes those that support your desire to live a low carbon and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, increase your disaster resiliency, and enhance the livability of your block.

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