Empowerment Model—a structure for transformative change

You learn to help people shift from a pathological worldview to a visionary worldview; from a static to an organic model of growth; and from self-awareness to behavior change.

Empowerment Methodology—a strategy for transformation

You learn to help people increase self-knowledge so they can discover what’s important to them; translate this knowledge into a compelling vision; identify and transform the limiting beliefs that inevitably arise when creating something new; and work with the subtle skills of intention and directed thought necessary to manifest their vision.

Empowerment Coaching—he how-to of personal growth

You learn the five-part empowerment coaching model: intuition, core growth issues, transformational strategy, interventions and personal growth facilitation. The goal of this coaching model is to enable a person to create a new possibility—the “growing edge.” You then learn how to help them manifest this new growth in their life.

Empowerment Architecture—transformational design

You learn how to design a transformational experience that accelerates learning and personal growth.

Marketing Empowerment—enrolling people in transformation

You learn how to communicate the benefits of transformation to your constituency—individuals, organizations or a sector of society. You also develop a marketing plan and enrollment skills.

Empowerment Support Systems—sustaining growth over time

You learn and apply the principles of self-support, buddy systems, and affinity groups.

Empowerment Workshop—a personal growth training model

You personally experience the Empowerment Workshop processes and techniques and are provided with the training templates. You also receive instruction in how to apply them to your training or coaching.



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