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“The Empowerment Workshop profoundly affected my life. It gave me the foundation of self trust I needed to co-create my business. I have no idea how I would have believed I could do this without the reinforcement of the empowerment model.”
—Christiane Northrop, medical doctor; author, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“Students in the Empowerment Workshop I conducted were mostly refugees and immigrants. Many of them want to achieve important things before they go back to their countries. But often they are unfocused and don’t have the tools to achieve their dreams. Through the Empowerment Workshop, I was able to help each of them focus, create realistic visions, identify and work through their limiting beliefs, and create a plan for achieving their visions. They had never felt so confident and powerful.”
—Awadiya Yahia Ahmed, trainer, Empowerment Workshop

“I led the Empowerment Workshop for a group of women from the urban slums of Pune, India. These women had already experienced a lifetime of challenges including very low income, early age marriage, little formal education, gender discrimination, poor health, and domestic violence. The response to the workshop by these women was overwhelming. Of the twenty-five that participated all experienced inner growth with nearly half experiencing significant changes in their relationships, work or monetary situation during the course of the workshop! The excitement and enthusiasm continued to build day after day in the workshop. Women who had never had the experience of speaking in front of a group were now sharing their stories; women who were angry with their circumstances were now able to work through them towards their visions. The women ended the workshop full of inspiration, accomplishment and gratitude for their experience.
—Anita Shankar, trainer, Empowerment Workshop

“Since doing the Empowerment Workshop, I find I am more attuned to the resonance of life—my life, the natural world, the people around me. The clarity triggered through forty-five hours of concentrated work has released a stream that is flowing—running more smoothly from the source, moving towards the vision of what lies ahead. Yahoo! Flowing waters have ever been a strong personal image. For some time it has felt like I was sitting in an eddy gathering courage, energy and momentum to jump out into the current and go with it. The experience of the workshop has offered me the internal sense of power to set off with visions of my destination. I have a clearer picture of both my abilities and vulnerabilities. I celebrate both, and am excited to learn from this river on which I travel.”
—Lisa Brukilacchio

“The change I have experienced in my life since the Empowerment Workshop is unbelievable. I don’t know if other people notice it as well, but I feel so much stronger, so much more capable. I can recognize my fears now as they arise in me, and then question their validity. For the first time in my working life I raised my voice at an insubordinate employee, it felt great. I have just completed writing a long letter to my parents discussing subjects I never dared discuss. It’s a lot of change, and I am hungry for more!”
—Sisi Boskositz

“I’m not easily impressed. I tend to be a skeptic. I’ve spent time during three summers at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. So I’ve seen ‘lots of workshops, ‘lots of people, many different things. There’s a lot of stuff out there that may seem wonderful at the time, and then you get home, and poof! it’s all gone. I’ve tried things like that, and ended up more frustrated than before. I’ve also been in therapy, it’s a wonderful thing, but hasn’t been able to help me move forward in certain areas as much as I’d like. So your workshop was a huge breath, a gust really, of fresh air. Wonderful! Some of the things I’ve been dealing with in both my choice of a profession—acting—and life in general started transforming for the better, maybe over the past year, but much of the work I did with you really clarified certain issues. I guess I started the process myself and the workshop carried it much further.

“I continue to do the affirmations, (belief work) daily and have really seen them start working! I’ve been made aware of HOW much I stop myself. Certainly there is much negativity and lack of opportunity inherent in my profession—but I was amazed to see how much is my own creation! So, I’ll continue, upwards and onwards. Thanks so much for everything.”
—Mindy Pfeffer

“My husband and I attended the Empowerment Workshop about ten years ago. It was a gift for my fortieth birthday . . . and a life giving gift it has been. As a result of your workshop the following has happened: We moved from Maine to Chapel Hill. Our income has tripled. My husband loves his work. I translated my work into a twenty-hour position at Duke University and won an award. I use empowerment in designing and conducting management development programs at Duke’s Medical Center. Despite struggles, we are reinventing our lives and our relationship in exciting ‘growing edge’ ways that make me feel incredibly lucky and blessed. Your workshop has been such a foundation of strength.”
—Vicki Field



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